Dance. Paint. Create.

Express your artistic side with unique jewels and paintings created by tachasolarat.

Explore my diverse collection and make your space come alive with art.


Expressive Art



Discover the joy of painting in my art works. I explore various techniques and create vibrant masterpieces that truly express my inner artist.


Jewel sculpting

I have unleashed my creativity through sculpting with jewels and new materials. Transforming clay into beautiful 3-dimensional jewels that captivate and inspire.



I had to develop my photography skills under my formal training. Learning the fundamentals and advanced techniques to sketch captivating portraits and landscapes.


Mixed Media

I immerse myself in the world of mixed media art. Combining materials such as paper, fabric, and founding objects to create unique and textured artworks.



Lately I experience the enchantment of printmaking in the studio. Exploring techniques like linocut and monoprint to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints.



I let my imagination run wild with collage. Discovering the art of composition by layering and arranging different materials to create visually striking artworks.


Versatile Artistry

Exploring various disciplines in art, Tacha in her studio in France creates unique and original works of art. With a passion for painting, sculpture, photography, music, literature, film, dance, and theater, she combines different techniques and mediums for stunning artistic expressions.

Standout Features

Unleash Creativity

Inspiring Jewels

Immerse yourself in an intimate and serene design of tachasolarat. Let the tranquil jewels ignite your imagination and unlock your artistic side.

Expert solutions

Receive one-on-one guidance for your decoration projects from a skilled professional artist. Benefit from my years of experience and personalized information tailored to your artistic needs.

Plastic Experiences

Embark on a creative journey like no other with tachasolarat. From captivating exhibitions, immerse yourself in unique art experience that will leave a lasting impression.

About Me

Tacha Solarat

Art Studio Owner

I am the owner and operator of tachasolarat, an art studio based in Dangeau, France. With a keen eye for creativity and a passion for art, I bring unique and innovative ideas to life through my work.

As an Art Studio Owner, I am proficient in various artistic mediums including painting, design of jewels, and mixed media. I have a deep understanding of color theory, composition, and design principles, which allows me to create visually stunning pieces that captivate audiences. With exceptional attention to detail and a strong sense of aesthetics, I take pride in delivering high-quality artwork that exceeds client expectations.


Awards & Accreditations

As the sole operator of tachasolarat, I am proud to have received institutional recognition for my art production through various awards and accreditations.

Scola Massana

Art Institute

Official accreditation from the School of fine Arts in Barcelona for maintaining superior quality standards in my artwork.

Cercle Artistic Sant Lluch

Collaboration with the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

June 2005

I was honored with the Best Emerging Artist award at the Cercle, highlighting my unique artistic style and creativity.

Medal of Saint Jordi

Artists of the Year

September 2004

Receiving the Excellence in Mixed Media award at the Artists of the Year event was a testament to my skill and dedication.


My Creative Artwork

Explore the diverse range of unique and captivating artwork created by tachasolarat. Each piece is a reflection of my artistic vision, showcasing my passion for creativity and dedication to craftsmanship. Get inspired and discover the world of tachasolarat's art studio.

I Create Art

Expressing Through Art

My Art Journey

Artistic Creations by Me


Inspiring Artistic Transformations

Atelier in Spain

Forestcube is the best art studio I have ever experienced. The personalized attention and creative environment fueled my passion for art. I am forever grateful to their owners.

Living in Paris helped me unleash my creativity and find my artistic voice. The studio's unique location and my former training empowered me to create art I never thought possible.

Atelier in France